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Aesthetic Medicine – Bio revitalization through platelets

Regenerative medicine is a part of aesthetic medicine that studies the regeneration of tissues through autologus growth factors, which means they come from the body. And this is why the revitalization through plates has lately become very popular. It is a treatment discovered after numerous studies that documented an important action of rejuvenation of the granules in the plates.
It is suitable for visible action of swollen tissues, important hydration, total rejuvenation of face, neck and décolleté, but also for hands, arms and where the patient needs to start a process of reparation.

We can easily understand the procedure and why it has been so efficient if we ask ourselves a simple question: why can we fast regenerate skin after we fall, and regenerate it perfectly as it was before with a “restituito ad integrum”, which translated from Latin means a perfect cutaneous reparation?
This is because the plates first stop the blood when they are still integer starting the coagulation, and then when they fall apart, they release particular substances that allow, together with other sophisticated mechanisms, the reparation!
In fact in the plates, there are important granules that contain factors that allow the chemotaxis of macrophages, which are the sweepers of injuries, the growth of blood vessels, and at last the proliferation and the migration of fibroblasts with a great production of collagen.
How is the treatment done?
The treatment is very easy to do: we take 20 cc of blood from the patient.
Then, through a centrifugation that lasts few minutes, we divide the plasma that is rich in plates (scientifically called thrombocytes) from other cells of the blood, red and white globules that do not have an important role in this procedure.
The plasma rich in plates is taken, and the plates are activated with a particular activator and immediately
reinjected in the patient.
It is not a treatment with filler, but a biorevitalization and a stimulating treatment.
We advice the patients not to take the sun on the day of the session and in the following days, but no other
precautions are needed.
Are there any risks?
There are no risks for allergies: it is a material coming from the patient’s body.
All the tools we use are always disposable, and particular kits are used to avoid any contamination.
Small haematomas might be possible, as all the other injective treatments, and also a light swelling, that goes away few hours after the treatment.
How many sessions are needed?
The protocol has been already standardized: one session per month for the first 3 months, and then a
session after six months.
Afterward, the patient sees the doctor for a new session every year.
What result can we expect?
The results are not immediately visible, but after 15 days the patient notices a gradual swelling of his/her own tissues. The skin and the derma are more tonic and compact. Even the external appearance seems to improve: the skin has a better and healthier color, and the filling improves.
Obviously as for every other medical treatment, there are patients who respond very well to it and some other who do it in a different way.
However, everything is done with no risk.
Can this treatment be associated to other aesthetic or medical treatment?
Absolutely: any aesthetic medical treatment, from filler to revitalization, from botulinum toxin to peelings, can be usefully associated and in general they have a powerful action together.

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Informed Consent – Bio revitalization through platelets

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