Prof. Alessio Redaelli

Aesthetic Medicine
Specialist in Vascular Surgery

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Jessner Peeling

It is a peeling that can vary the depth of action according to the passages that are applied on the skin during the session (from superficial to average). It is suitable for a little bit more important damage than can be treated with a simple alpha hydroxy acid (the old glycolic peeling). It is a solution composed by three acids: · salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid) · lactic acid (alpha hydroxy acid) · resorcinol Normally the Jessner’s solution is used to remove the cutaneous hypermelanosis (spots) and the more superficial wrinkles. It is very efficient for this. I personally prefer to apply the peeling in more delicate sessions, rather than obtaining the results in only one more penetrated session. In fact we can apply the Jessner’s solution in more layers during the same session in order to obtain a more or less deep peeling. The burning sensation during the application is usually more than tolerable, but it is fatherly reduced with the use of a small fan, which reduces this sensation. After the application, a modest erythema can appear but it goes away in few hours. Bleeding, sloughs or scabs never occur. Usually from the 3rd to the 6 -10th day a small, continued desquamation of small, white and pigmented skins occurs and you would have to remove them twice a day with a moisturizing lotion. After this simple operation you can put make up on and show yourself in public. But you need to know that more the desquamation is extended, more the result is interesting. It is fundamental not to rip the skins. They have to fall out by themselves or with a gentle massage. Do not use strong showers, peeling lotions or strong massages because this could cause a scar on your skin. For the time the desquamation occurs, use a moisturizing lotion during the day when you feel the skin stretches. There is no restriction for this. You can put make up on without restrictions, better if you use a foundation that does not contain heavy metals. Only one session is usually not sufficient, but you will need more sessions depending on your cutaneous aging. Indications: Cutaneous spots, initial fading of the skin, small superficial wrinkles.
Informed Consent – Peeling with Jessner solution

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