Prof. Alessio Redaelli

Aesthetic Medicine
Specialist in Vascular Surgery

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Polylactic acid

Polylactic acid is a substance that has been used for many years in varied medical applications. It is has been used in aesthetic medicine for few years to correct furrows and deeper wrinkles. Basically it is composed by micro particles that are homogeneously injected in the sub epidermis or more superficially in the skin. Every micro particle of polylactic acid will provoke the formation of collagen of the patient, provoking in this way the filling of depressions and wrinkles. This technique is relatively new and especially French colleagues have studied it for the correction of big depressions. The dispersal of the active principle is fundamental in order to obtain uniform results; otherwise we will have the formation of subcutaneous nodules that are reabsorbed very slowly. In my opinion if they occur, they are expression of an unsuccessful technique. Results are really encouraging and it can also be used for that initial aging of cheeks for which we have few methods available. Indications: • return of important volumes for cheeks, cheekbones, shadows, but also for the fading of the lower facial outline. • for the horizontal wrinkles of neck when the emptying prevails. • to fill hands, the intermetacarpal spaces.
Informed Consent – Polylactic acid

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