Prof. Alessio Redaelli

Aesthetic Medicine
Specialist in Vascular Surgery

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The reassemble wires of suspension in the treatment of ptosi of the face and body

Aesthetic medicine in recent years has truly revolutionized the correction of many imperfections and more and more the use of surgery becomes useful only in some cases of greater evidence.

These innovative non-invasive medical techniques, non-surgical, can replace, in selected cases, some procedures such as rhinoplasty and facelift and can actually help a lot. In some cases treatment may be considered “Gold Standard” as we say doctors, the most suitable treatment, to understand each other better.

Obviously they have a truly non-comparable invasiveness!

There may be small visible defects that in most cases disappear in a few days such as bruises or bruises, or small lines reactive to traction that disappear within 15 to 30 days.

What is it about?

This is a completely medical technique for lifting softly the fabrics that with age have become a little drooping, and bring them back to their original position.

The middle-lower third of the face is the most suitable area but also the neck and all the ptosic tissues can benefit from this medical technique. A truly total result is not always possible, but in most cases excellent results can be achieved.

The threads that I use and that give me the most confidence are totally absorbable, but the result is long lasting due to the reaction they cause in the tissues, with stretching and formation of collagen which tends both to fill and to keep the tissues in the desired position.

Now, after the first few years in which we looked for the best techniques and a progression of materials, nowadays we no longer have tissue reactions and the techniques are very refined, with the almost total disappearance of complications.

How do you do it?

Under totally local anesthesia and under absolutely regime outpatient these threads are inserted that lift the tissues.

A couple can be put together but also two or three depending on personal needs. This procedure is then performed in the clinic and is totally noninvasive. It does not require an operating theater, does not require anesthesia, has practically no postoperative course and patients immediately return to their occupations.

The whole procedure does not normally last more than 15, 20 minutes.

As mentioned, the complications are really minimal and absolutely transitory over a period of two days, but in the vast majority of cases the return to work is absolutely immediate.

All the remaining aesthetic medicine treatments can be associated, if not in the same session in the days immediately earlier or later. If I have to give a strategy anyway, in particular the use of botulinum toxin A is a must in the days immediately preceding to relax the tissues and have a clearly better projection.

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