Anticoagulant therapy (OAT) for the phlebothrombosis and prevention of emboligene diseases

The oral anticoagulant therapy is indicated in all those pathological conditions in which there is a risk of thromboembolism, which is when there is the possibility that a thrombus, especially venous, can occlude an important artery, causing very serious problems. In fact there are some pathologies that can increase the formation of blood clots that, […]


Sclerotherapy is a technique used since the ancient time to take care of the phlebological illnesses of the lower limbs: varices and capillaries. Truly, the sclerosing are also used in other body districts (haemorrhoids, oesophageal varices and other) but right now we will only deal with lower limbs. Practically a particular liquid is injected in […]


Laser in the treatment of angiomas, legs’ capillaries, couperose Introduction Capillaries of lower limbs and face represent a slight blemish, which is felt by women in particular, but also by men. They do not provoke damages, but the aesthetic aspect is very important. Then, when they become numerous, even the venous insufficiency becomes an important […]