Prof. Alessio Redaelli

Aesthetic Medicine
Specialist in Vascular Surgery

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“Facial Ultrasound in aesthetic medicine”: a new chapter in plastic surgery and aesthetic dermatology

Authors: Hugues Cartier, Alessio Redaelli, Peter Velthuis

Coauthors: J. Arlette, S. Desyatnikova, S. Garson, C.P. Gonzalez Diaz, C. Kasemnet, H.J Kim, J.S. Kim, A. Koilouri, K.H. Yi, H.J. Lee, N. Romanowska, B. Rzany, A. Saromitzkaya, L. Schelke, S. Weiner.

Prefaces: Benjamin Ascher, Jean Carruthers e Marina Landau

Published: January 2024, Publisher; OEO Firenze ISBN 9791280318244

 This book, ‘Facial Ultrasound in Aesthetic Medicine: Basic Principles and Clinical Practice’, embarks on a new chapter in plastic surgery and aesthetic dermatology, which is gradually being built: ultrasonography. This preface is your gateway to a comprehensive guide that delves into the remarkable potential of ultrasound echography as a modern and reliable tool for facial and body injections. We will explore the principles and science behind this technology, dissect its applications, and showcase the expertise of pioneering practitioners who have harnessed its capabilities to craft the most natural and pleasing outcomes. With the increase in malpractice and legal issues, it is increasingly important for HCPs to find a stable solution to prevent complications. There are many safety measures and tools to reduce the risk, including better knowledge of anatomy, a slow injection technique, aspirating before injection, and the ‘intelligent needle’, with alarm. However, the most efficient and safe tool that prevents the risk, is ultrasonography guidance. [..] The field of these applications in medicine and cosmetic surgery is just beginning. My vision is that each of our injections will have to be documented by ultrasound before, during and after. This increasingly rapid practice will likely be recommended or even required on a legal level, hence the importance of this book

Benjamin Ascher MD, Plastic Surgeon Board Certified, Lecturer & Clinical Assistant, Paris Academy, IMCAS Honorary President & Founder, THINKIN Medical Director.

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