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Letybo, the new Lety botulinum toxin released on the Italian market

The new Lety botulinum toxin (LETYBO- Croma pharma) has been released on the market a few weeks ago in 50 Units for the treatment of glabellar wrinkles in case these cause a psychological impact. It is distributed by Croma Pharma. The offer of this active ingredient, Botulinum Toxin type A, is therefore expanded.

In January 2022 the first Botulinum toxin A already diluted with an expiration date already diluted at 1 aa, was approved, under the trade name Alluzience, 125U diluted in 0.63 ml.

The Letybo bottle, on the other hand, contains 50 Units and is diluted with 1.25 ml of physiological solution. With this dilution, on label, there are 4 units in 0.1 ml.

How do I use it?

I suggest to dilute less, 1cc for 50 unites at least but also less. If you want to be careful, I suggest you inject 1 unit (0.025 ml-on label dilution). For medium-sized indications, the advice is for 2 units (0.05 ml). In indications where the result must be complete 4 Units (0.1 ml). The amount of liquid injected is enough and therefore the recommendation is to stay tightly in the indicated muscle and to inject slowly so as not to spread too much.

Personally, I have not yet been able to test the duration of the effects that some friends have told me to be very similar to Botulax which I have used extensively in the Far East, China and Korea, in my opinion comparable to Vistabex, about 4-5 months. We’ll see if it is comparable to Vistabex or longer.

What syringe do I use?

I advise you to use the classic 0.5 ml insulin syringe for diabetes with an 8 mm fixed needle which remains the best syringe for toxins in 50 Units.

Instead for Alluzience I use the 0.3 ml abont syringe distributed by Galderma which is the best, it allows you to see the Units perfectly and has incomparable injectability and lightness, better than the Becton Dikinson syringes that I used until some time ago.

I highly recommend you try the Abont syringes as they are really much better and absolutely more accurate when injecting small amounts, especially for the nose and mouth. Plus the thinner needle really makes a difference.


For those who want to try all the new toxins with me personally, I remember my practical courses which you can participate if you like, both for beginner doctors, but also for expert colleagues, to practically discuss clinical cases and practically sting our o your models.

I wish all colleagues an excellent working autumn and let’s stay in touch on Instagram and LinkedIn for the next news.

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