Prof. Alessio Redaelli

Aesthetic Medicine
Specialist in Vascular Surgery

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Bio revitalization

Skin represents one of the most sophisticated “organs” of our body. It has to protect from external aggressions, it has the fundamental task to maintain the internal homeostasis and it is useful to regulate a lot of important functions such as sweating, but it is also fundamental for interpersonal communication as love. In fact it is one of the most important sexual organs. It absolutely remains fundamental in transmitting sensations: think about the blush or the paleness! It is very complicated. It has many layers, from superficial to deep, many collateral systems, from hairs to sudoriferous glands, from nerve to blood vessels. It repeatedly renovates: in 20-30 days in young subjects and almost twice as long in adults. So it is absolutely evident that, as we do exactly for any other organ, skin needs to be protected, but also treated and fed. In this way revitalizations take place: medical treatments that aim to take care of the skin, more and more stressed out by atmospheric and polluting agents that are abundant in our cities, but also useful after a long exposure to the sun. It is a medical treatment that tends to integrate in the epidermis those substances that our body is not able to produce in adequate quantity as for example hyaluronic acid. The reduction of hyaluronic acid in the skin is one of the most important reasons for cutaneous aging because it is largely responsible for hydration, reproductive capacities of fibroblasts and synthesis of collagen. Beside these, there are other substances that the body cannot produce such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, nucleic acids, coenzymes, reducing and antioxidant agents that have the aim to stimulate and feed, but especially to detoxify this very important organ. In fact we just have to make little injections that distribute these substances in face, neck, décolleté and hands. Practically those body regions that are mostly exposed to photo (due to the light) and chrono (due to the time) aging. The proposed revitalization programs do not have any contraindications, they are proposed for all types of skin and for any age. In general only one session will not be sufficient. The patient will need at least 3-4 sessions every 10 days. Your own doctor will be able to advice you for the best protocols for your type of skin, evaluating also if cutaneous hyper pigmentations, wrinkles or other problems coexist. Indications: cutaneous fading, diffuse wrinkle especially on cheeks, neck, décolleté and hands, aging prevention, cutaneous care of the photo-exposed areas
Informed Consent – Bio revitalization

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